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What role Umicore is playing in Formula E?

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Have you ever wondered what happens to the batteries used in the Formula E racing event? Formula E is done with two seasons with a great positive response from its bigger audience but is the racing event in step with the sustainability goals?

To answer your doubt, Umicore joins the new partnership with the ABB FIA Formula E championship to achieve its goal in handling battery materials and providing a recyclable solution. As all of you know, Umicore is one of the big groups from Belgium in handling material and recycling technology. The recycling of lithium-ion battery cells from the first two seasons will be taken care of by Umicore. The batteries were developed by the Williams Advanced Engineering unit.

The procedure used by Umicore is at first sorting, dismantling, and recycling the batteries enabling the careful recovery of valuable metals by using proprietary and unique melting technology. The main aim is to maintain the properties of the metals while recycling the battery infinitely. The recycling process helps in metal recovery and converting them into an alloy that can be reused in new rechargeable batteries or other related products.

The disassembled process is where it needs to become careful enough to not let the hazardous substance be exposed to the environment. Hydrometallurgical treatment is used once the three steps of sorting, dismantling, and recycling is done.

In my opinion, the collaboration indicates that racing events are not just about competition but also providing new opportunities and doorways to keep the environment clean and make a meaningful impact in our communities and neighborhood. It also shows that recycling is not just confined to racing cars but new ventures can be created for more recycling outlets.

Source:- Electromobility

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