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Do Germans agree with the following Sustainability statement?

The story of an unknown zone with unlimited options for raising the fundamental thoughts on Sustainability. The issues are not limited. But covers with various aspects of our life. And try to provide solutions in a way that holds values to our life. And for a solid future. As the environmental issues are not just limited to one particular locked out region. But also a global concern needs to be dealt with strong technological fundamental to grow positively.

What German Male thinks about certain sustainable issues?
What German Female thinks about Sustainability issues?
What younger generation thinks about Sustainability?
What older generation thinks about Sustainability issues?

In my opinion, there is only one concern which has been agreed equally by the German female and male. “Environmental protection with consistency delivers positive impact on the economic competitiveness”. With 48% from both the sides where the older generation believes more that environmental goals play a huge. And positive role on economic competitiveness.

Source:- Statista Nachhaltigkeit 2019.

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