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What Germans thinks about Natural resources?

It’s not all about climate or eco-friendly solution but also reserving the natural resources for long term purpose. And implement it in a meaningful way. The natural resources definitely have been the prime. Or the raw materials available for anybody to thrive on. And make some useful stuffs out of it. But how far are we in the period of the utilisation of natural resource. And how exactly Germans are thinking about such natural resource. In order to contribute to the sustainability problems and provide adequate solutions.

What German Female thinks about natural resources?
What German males think about natural resources?
What younger generation thinks about natural resources in Germany?
What older generation think about Natural resources?

In my opinion, the various views are well recorded and well implemented by the German society from different age group and gender group. The society is quite adequate and well-informed. And aware about the importance of such resource but the future in unknown. It can be predicted with conserving such natural resource. But how far the battle will go in the future is with no idea.

Source:- Statista Nachhaltigkeit 2019

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