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Which HEV’s captured headline in the USA in 2011?

The main manufacturers like Toyota, Ford, Honda, or even Nissan didn’t delay the launching of HEVs in the US.

It is not surprising, but the US was way ahead of any other countries across the world.

The models launched in the US under different manufacturers in 2011 are:-

Toyota Prius
HEVs in the US in 2011
Ford Fusion
HEVs in the US in 2011
Honda Insight
HEVs in the US in 2011
Nissan Altima
HEVs in the US in 2011
Lexus RX 450h
GS 450h
LS 600h
HEVs in the US in 2011
GM, GMC, Chevrolet, Tahoe
and Cadillac Saturn Yukon
HEVs in the US in 2011
Chrysler Dodge Aspen
HEVs in the US in 2011

In 1997, Toyota Prius became the first mass HEV model production. The worldwide exceeded 1 million units in 2009.

The mechanical part of the Toyota Prius uses a set of planetary gears for realizing the continuously variable transmission. The carrier of the planetary gear is connected with the engine. Another important quality of the planetary gear set is to act as a power/torque splitting device.

The engine also shuts down during low-speed driving.

The technology is the same in the Camry hybrid, the Highlander Hybrid, and the Lexus brand hybrids. The only small difference is the addition of a third motor at the rear wheel for the Highlander and the Lexus hybrids.

In the case of the Honda Civic Hybrid, an electric motor is mounted in between the ICE (Internal combustion engine) and CVT(Continuously Variable Transmission). The mechanical function of the electric motor is to assist the engine during high power demand. Or the engine power is split during the low power demand.

Escape Hybrid is the first HEV in an SUV segment. The mechanics of realizing the CVT (continuously variable transmission is the same concept as the Toyota.

In GM, two-mode hybrid transmission is used. It was advanced later by GM, Chrysler, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz via a joint venture known as the Global Hybrid Cooperation.

The technology used by GM is to set to two different operating modes, a high-speed mode, and a low-speed mode. The two different operating modes are realized by using two separate planetary gear sets and two electric machines.

Source:- Alternative Fuels Data Center

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