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How handicaps are going to benefit from AI?

Is it possible that handicaps can benefit from AI? How far are we in the development of AI for handicaps. It is considered to be necessary for working with both national and international language for global communications and leads to imposing obstacles in European-level communication.

In Europe, the funding agency is lacking in monitoring large and advanced funds like DARPA for long-term projects such as associated with a handicap. EU funding is a scarcity in true AI projects and is a problem for some researchers to get the recognition of their results and the lack has been identified as a non-invented attitude on the other side of the Atlantic.

One of the major things to be associated with handicaps is the good work and AI can be seen as a positive ray of hope in helping a lot of handicaps. The high-quality work of European AI research by the ECAI conferences demonstrates that even though the competition is very tough, the improvement chance is very high where the perceived handicaps can be reduced with constructive use age of AI for an entirely new thing. In the medical field, these can be seen as a breakthrough and a big achievement but only with time, it can be tested out.

In my opinion, AI definitely can provide a new opportunity or a new beginning to handicaps and their lives in a meaningful way and can help to provide treatment to heal the broken wounds but what about money. Artificial Intelligence is not going to come into a cheap solution or is it possible? Money or the cost of the treatments as well as the result is going to somehow cost a lot to help the handicaps to live it in a freeway. Is it possible that the government can provide funds or grants for such treatment to be carried out? Is it possible for NGOs to participate in such monetary funds? How far the improvement is going to be cost-effective is also another factor to think about before designing such solutions?

Source:- A perspective on the early history of artificial intelligence in Europe by Erik Sandewall.

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