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How IoT is perceived in the Indonesian market?

Any new technology before being embraced in a particular country needs to go through the technical specifications or the requirement of being able to fulfil it with a particular goal or stringent rules. The technical ecosystem and often what role IoT can fulfil the Indonesian market is very important. Maybe the opportunity is not so high in an Indonesian market with traditional sets of parameters or the way a part of the world thinks it should be. But also creating a market through the exploration of the Indonesian customer need is more important rather than just having the technology in their country to meet the latest trends in the market.

As per a survey conducted to know the scenario about IoT from different age group including both the genders, the following results were deduced: –

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In my opinion, some needs can be addressed but some are not. Two things also got interested is the need of a technology tools which can increase the salary and the bonding of relationships. It shows that family is important for Indonesian and even comes before the company or any job profile. The most important sector is the agriculture, so the need of IoT can somewhat help in improving and maintaining the agriculture sectors with the help of drones and maintaining the temperature rise.

Source:- What are the Indonesian Concerns About the Internet of Things (IoT)? Portraying the Profile of the Prospective Market.

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