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How much price is forecasted for petrol, diesel and natural gas?

The need in deciding which fossil fuel needs to be used in the future is something very prevalent and important to know. The deciding factor to buy crude oil, petrol, diesel, or natural gas is important to know where and how the future will be moving in which direction?

The direction to decide whether to go for crude oil, petrol, diesel, or natural gas is something taking a turn and pointing towards a new horizon. The comparison of different fuel is providing an opportunity to buy what? The price is increasing every 10 years.

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Source:- IEA

The survey is the result from across the world in 2012. However, the effect of any pandemic or any natural disaster is going to effect the scenario by how far is not known but only with time it can be seen the major impact. The value of crude oil is forecasted to be US $124 in 2030 and US$ 126 in 2040. The only issue is with the price of natural gas which is eco-friendly but not so economical.

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