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How the global sales and the development of electric cars are compared in 2018?

The trend of electric cars is something seen from the last 10 years as a trend change and provided a new direction for the lovers of vehicles. A completely new segments and a challenge to upcoming technology that is there something better than even a vehicle running on batteries. Even though the vehicles are on the road in different models and range but what about the global sales as compare to the demand analyzed around the world.

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Source:- ZSW
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Source:- McKinsey
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Source:- GP Bullhound

In my opinion, the development of electric cars is double that of the sales of electric cars globally. So, the electric vehicles are produced in a greater number. The trend has been picked up in good numbers and China seems to be more in the front line when it comes to electric vehicles. Japan and Germany are somehow going hand in hand but is it possible that China becomes the number 1 player in an electric vehicle not just in production but also in usage? Who do you think is going to win the race for being a complete consumer of electric vehicles and make the fuel-based cars as a topic of history or is it too early to think that we are in the futuristic era?

Source:- Statista (Elektromobilität)

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