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What are the 10 diversified understanding of Industry 4.0?

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Industry 4.0 being a zone with new innovations and development is something still capturing the integrity and complexity from various domain experts and researchers or even industry specialists.

The 10 diversified understanding about Industry 4.0 are: –

  1. Industry 4.0 has been equated by Hergert and Buchenau with networking and digitalization for factories and supply chains.
  2. As per Georg Giersberg, “The fourth industrial revolution is the digital networking of production and entire value-added chains from raw material suppliers, intermediate processors and end processors to the consumer. The entire process is digitally accompanied and optimized.”
  3. Bayerischer Rundfunk explains Industry 4.0 as the “change in World of work and production.”
  4. Some technologies classified under Industry 4.0 has been used for long term as they are also selective and the task is networking them optimally to use them across the board. Industry 4.0 is considered more than a networking term for interacting with many individual measures under the premise for an integral communication.
  5. According to Wolfgang Dorst, Division Manager for Industry 4.0 at Bitkom stated, “The disruptive… by Industry 4.0 does not lie in the technical increase in efficiency, but in the change of business models.”
  6. Ulrich Grillo, the former president of the BDI views Industry 4.0 as the “second half of digitalisation” stated at the Munich Management Colloquium 2016.
  7. Maximilian Nowroth states that: “This German term means the networking of machines and the intelligent use of large amounts of data in order to analyse them and turn them into cash.”
  8. As per Carsten Knop, “in the fourth industrial revolution, which is the digitalisation of all value chains.” This provides as an integrated data processing result of I4.0.  
  9. Klaus Helmrich, a member from Managing Board of Siemens AG, stated that Industry 4.0 is “a new level of organization and control over the entire value chain and life cycle of products, oriented to individual customer requirements.”
  10. Rouse distinction between IoT and IIoT is “ IIoT incorporates machine learning and big data technology, harnessing the data sensor, machine-to-machine (M2M) communication and automation technologies that have existed in industrial settings for years. Whereas in China the name is used as “internet+”.

Source: – Bauernhansl T, ten Hompel M, Vogel-Heuser B (Hrsg) (2014) Industrie 4.0 in Produktion.

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