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6 potential drawbacks or limitations of cloud robotics

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Cloud robotics proved its worth and became a valuable buzzword among its tech peers. Even though it is designed with new features but its limitations cannot be avoided.

The 6 potential drawbacks of cloud robotics are:-

  1. Network accessibility: Cloud robotics relies on seamless and reliable communication between robots and the cloud infrastructure. The speed and efficiency of robots can be impacted by poor network accessibility by causing delays and disruptions in data transfer and control.
  2. Edge analytics: The computational load between the cloud and edge devices balances is a challenge to ensure efficiency and timely decision-making. The speed and efficiency of robots can be impacted by poor edge analytics by causing delays in processing and decision-making.  
  3. Security and privacy concerns: The sensitive data are transmitted and stored in the cloud raising questions about data security, access control, and protection against cyber threats. The systems need to be secured with proper maintenance of data privacy.
  4. Complexity: Cloud robotics is a complex system with expertise required in cloud computing, robotics, and data analytics by implementing cloud robotics solutions, it can be challenging and required significant investment in infrastructure, hardware, and software.
  5. Cost: The production cost can be saved by offloading some of the robotics processes to the cloud. The solution implementation is costly due to the need for specialized hardware and software.
  6. Latency: Cloud robotics relies on real-time data transfer and control, and latency is impacted by the speed and efficiency of robots. Low latency insurance is crucial for an application that requires quick and precise robot movements.

In my opinion, a few of the drawbacks are quite common with most new tech tools or software. The complexity, data security, and mostly the cost are major themes looming around the tech industry. Due to this, small and medium size companies find it difficult to jump into the futuristic tech solution to improve their productivity and efficiency.

Even though large companies find the cost area to be less hurdle but data security is a major priority as the risk is also high due to tremendous volume and complicated networking.

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