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Who are the leading AI and robotics companies?

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Artificial Intelligence is used to create intelligent machines to perform tasks or we can say support human intelligence such as perception, reasoning, learning, and problem-solving.

The different types of AI are reactive machines, limited memory, theory of mind, and Self-aware. Reactive machines are the ones that react only to specific situations, with no memory or ability to learn from past experiences.

Limited Memory is the machines that can use past experiences for informing future decisions such as self-driving cars. Theory of Mind machines understands human emotions, beliefs, and intentions allowing the machines to naturally interact with humans. Self-aware machines got a sense of consciousness for their existence awareness and surrounding.

The various AI applications are natural language processing, image, and speech recognition, autonomous vehicles, medical diagnosis, fraud detection, etc.

The leading AI and robotics companies in the world are:-

  1. Berg Health: AI is used in a biopharmaceutical company for analyzing patients’ biological data to determine why some people survive and some don’t when attacked with the same diseases and finally the findings or the insights are used to modify the existing therapies/drugs and develop new ones.
  2. BMW: The carbon footprint is reduced in the manufacturing plant with the use of robotics. BMW introduced ten self-driving Smart Transport Robots (STR) in November 2016 to move components at a plant in Wackersdorf, Germany. The pre-used batteries from the BMW i3 were used sustainably for powering the STRs and moving freely through the logistics hall without the help of floor-mounted induction loops for navigation.
  3. Cambridge Industries Group (CIG): The company known to be the manufacturer of fiber-to-the-home and other telecommunication equipment is working towards replacing its huge workforce with robots.
  4. Tesla: The car manufacturing process in Nevada is aiming to be fully automated. The Robots are expected to completely take over the manufacturing process in the third phase.
  5. Foxconn: The company introduced robotics engineering in the factory for repetitive tasks and replaced 60,000 factory workers with robots in 2016.

Source: Statista

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