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Why Ancra systems?

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Ancra systems are the international leader in the field of automatic truck loading & unloading systems design and manufacture with offices and partners all over the world.

It is based on a modular approach. It provides customized logistic solutions. They are in designing special applications also.

As per the company’s history,

“Ancra’s origins go back to the seventies when the company was set up as a subsidiary of the American firm Ancra International LLC to sell products for handling air freight pallets. Load securing devices, such as bungee cords.”

From the middle years of the eighties, a company focused on the production and sale of roller conveyors for air freight pallets. And hence the first step toward loading and unloading systems.

In the nineties, product development, manufacturing, and sales took off. Along with the roller tracks for air freight, systems were developed for palletized goods and general cargo.

In 2005 Ancra became an independent company with its revolutionary introduction of the parcel post unloading system in 2001. From 2008 onwards, Ancra Systems are the market leader in automatic loading and unloading systems.

They provide services to different industries such as Air Freight, Paper, Industrial, Household, FMCG, Postal & Parcel, and Automotive.

Automated trailer unloading in less than 3 minutes with low operational costs, fewer logistic personnel needed, fewer trucks and forklifts truck needed, less warehouse space needed, increase space efficiency, safer working environment, and finally reduced CO2 footprint.

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