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What is automatic detection?

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The world of Industry 4.0 is recognized as the modern technologies embedded in a single line of the supply chain to support the heavy manufacturing components smoothly rolling over the belt. As we see through the modern world, the products or components that get manufactured in huge quantity and also in variety with different shape and size makes it difficult to keep a proper count of it.

The task of keeping the production process in flow without disturbing the end packaging service where the components have been dispatched but resulted in a mismatch of an order placed. In the industrial sector, the detection of the right products or components plays a major role in keeping rolling it and with the help of barcode or RFID, the identification can be done automatically.

The use of the technology helped in identifying all forms of materials, assembly lines, products and other aids from different tools marks the load carriers or locations of a storage facility in a cost-effective way wherewith less effort the product can be identified. The bar code or RFID tag can be easily identified with a handy device where the data can be recorded in a fraction of seconds in the IT system without any delay.

In the retail market, barcodes have not just kept the product buyer opportunities to be unbiased but the whole market chain service has become self-reliant, effective and without any bias, the product purchase can be monitored. The case of being cheated for a particular product is also been controlled with the right amount mentioned in the barcode. The service as a whole not only justifies the smooth rolling of the product but also the maintenance with proper procedure.

In my opinion, automatic detection has not just revolutionized the industrial market but also a cost-effective way of reducing labor and thereby reducing in making mistakes. Furthermore, the successful attitude of bar code technology has been extended in various digitalized sectors such as banking, railway ticket industry, and transportation. One innovation can be spread across different sectors.

Source:- Automatische Identifikation für Industrie 4.0 by Heinrich Hippenmeyer and Thomas Moosmann.

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