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Is automation preventing over-maintenance?

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In production companies, the process optimization by digitalization has overcome the problem of over-maintenance.

The issue with industrial machinery sectors is with the maintenance of the machines. The manufacturers need to maintain a timely or monthly scheme to continue the maintenance program.

Oftentimes, the maintenance is carried out periodically without any condition. It has to be done guided as per the instruction manual provided with the machines. But the cost and the time spent on such activity is much higher.

The issues identified by a company from Germany are working on developing condition-based maintenance. The sensor-based manufacturers are working by shop-floor integration where the real-time data and records of the individual and tools are recorded.

Due to the automation of the company, the over-maintenance and tool replacement for premature problems are prevented. It saves the costs and also the machine running on times with extended time period.

With the advancement of Industry 4.0, the IO-Link sensors are gaining more importance in efficiency as well as in cost-saving structure also. The real-time data from the machines helps in maintaining the record as well as gaining importance to keep the commissioning or the maintenance process in a more simplified manner.

The switch from recommendation-based maintenance to condition-based maintenance has improved the overall costs and the effort also. The machines are involved with the ERP system where the real-time data are recorded for triggering the alerts. The information is evaluated and recorded to generate the right alerts.

The maintenance with automation ensures high-quality production by saving resources and moving in the green production direction. The step improved intelligent production as well as saved the cost of time in manual entries for the counter checks.

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