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What do we know about Autonics?

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South Korean company Autonics is a worldwide recognized developer of industrial automation systems. We design and produce a comprehensive range of automation devices that are sold all over the world.

Autonics was established in 1977. They are the leading manufacturer of sensors, controllers, and measuring instruments in Korea. They are also a top player in exporting automation products in Korea. Autonics also provides advanced and productive automation solutions to global customers.

Autonics’ global network, which includes 11 abroad offices and 150 distributors in over 100 countries, offers full automation solutions to users all over the world.

The products such as

  • Digital Power Thyristor Units for fast response and RMS Measuring.
  • One power controller for Single-phase & Three-phase control.
  • Displacement sensors to revolutionize processed products. Photoelectric sensors, Photomicro sensors, Fiber optic sensors, Area sensors, Proximity sensors, and rotary encoders.
  • Vision sensors
  • Lidar technology, Laser scanners
  • Field instruments
  • Industrial PC controllers,
  • HMIs
  • Temperature controllers,
  • Counters/Timers
  • Digital Panel Meters
  • Recorders
  • Indicators
  • Power Electronics
  • Motion devices
  • Industrial networking
  • Connectivity
  • Control switches
  • Software such as DAQMasters, Vision master, atlightCurtain, atDisplacement, atlidar, atMotion, atLogic, and atDesigner.

Check the video of their products for the event held in Mumbai @AutomationExpo,

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