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Can energy upgrade be related to Industry 4.0?

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The role of fossil fuel was the primary source for our needs to generate current and electricity in our traditional sense of living. Can Industry 4.0 be related to energy upgradtion? It was an easy source of generating enough amount of energy to travel across the country and also provide electricity continuously.

However, new generations and demands have generated the phase where the planet needs to be sustained with renewable energy sources or energy sources like solar, wind, hydro, and Biomass.

The way energy has been categorized is something in abundance but when we start synthesizing the source to generate enough amount of power. It shows a shortage or somehow not enough to sustain for a long term in the world, which means not enough for the next generation.

However, the fourth industrial revolution is showing a positive ray of hope of using an energy integrated system where one country is surplus with wind whereas the other country is sufficient with solar energy.

So it is possible to move the electricity through the interconnect grid in order to let the energy flow and power up the country.

The opportunity opens the doors to collaborate between the country on sharing the energy on a larger scale and a big platform.

For example, in Asian countries, one of the benefits is the availability of solar energy throughout the year in a maximum amount as compare to the western.

Or European countries which can be used as a sharing source of generating electricity among the countries, specifically the countries sharing the borders. Industry 4.0 plays an important role in electrical energy sector.

Also, geographically the countries are suitable enough to work on a sharing basis, experimenting with solar, wind, hydro, or biomass energy. The circulation of energy can provide a solution to communities on a large scale.

Source:- Statista.

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