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How the casting processes is facilitated by the Robotic wax bonding?

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The complex bonding of wax cores succeeded in speeding up the Feinguss Blank and making it safer to be needed for casting by using a robot cell. In industry, rationalization, and automation associated with manufacturing steps is an important factor for long-term success mainly in the global context.

The parts which are often individual in production with the casting process being the investment choice were available in different shapes and sizes to make the rationalization difficult.

In case of any problem, the goal of the automated process is to work not only for the geometry of the available part but also the requirements of such parts are profitable in the process. An average of 1500 different types of parts at Blank is leaving the production line within one year.

At Feinguss Blank company, the efficiency of the production was focused to increase under a lean-approach. The automated casting process was developed with robots able to communicate with each other and thereby the system was developed further so that an important building block was represented in the casting department.

The production process with the were parts that are produced with an aluminum tool are attached previously by employees to wax poles that are joined to form trees.

As per the number of pieces and the geometry complexity, the injection of wax parts is automatically done and is produced on a manual injection mold. Automation helps in paying off the rationalization potential and in the high volumes of individual parts.

In my opinion, in the automation industry, not just industrial heavy robots or robotic arms but robots in simple objects plays a definitive role and helps in managing the system with proper casting processes being facilitated by Robotic wax bonding.

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