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Connector manufacturer and partner for Single Pair Ethernet (SPE)?

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The cabling structures can be implemented by various companies who are working together for Single Pair Ethernet in the future. As in addition to the connector manufacturers Phoenix Contact, Reichle & De-Massari, and Weidmüller, Belden for the cable environment and Fluke Networks for field measurement technology.

They were also involved in the development and implementation process. The new technology for such a cabling structure can be implemented comprehensively from various viewing angles.

SPE i.e. Single Pair Ethernet is considered to be a new Ethernet technology where only one pair of wires is required for the data and power transmission in place of the current four pairs. In the industry, a great future is predicted by SPE due to simplicity which resulted in weight reduction, space requirements, and low installation effort.

Source:- Single Pair Ethernet

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