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What is the Automatic Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS)?

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In 2002, “Indian Automation Family” was started by Neelesh Chougule and Prakash Muguli from Belgaum, Karnataka led to the journey of Creintore Automation Solution (Cautomate).

In 2012, Creintors Teknosol Pvt Ltd. (CTPL) was formed. In 2013, Creintors Environmental Solution was formed to address the water crisis in the solution with a technological solution.

In 2016, to address the challenges in the Indian Manufacturing sector with simple automation/innovation solutions formed the Creintors Automation Solution Pvt. Ltd. The revenue is less than $ 5 million. The company is headquartered in Belgaum.

The products by the company are:-

Insert and Tool Management System

  • It collects old or used items.
  • It dispenses new or reused items.
  • Every transaction is protected and reported.
  • It got quick 24/7 control access.
  • Supply Chain Automation enabled.
  • Customised reporting linked with any ERP platform.
  • Mobile-enabled reporting and control.
Screenshot 2022 08 23 13 32 52 58 92460851df6f172a4592fca41cc2d2e6


Suppose you are picking according to a picking sheet/slip or list in the factory assembly line or sorting work in the logistic center. In that case, you must be feeling about the problems with many human errors, consuming much time. But with digital picking (Pick to light systems) can solve the problems.

Light modules can be used to allow even unskilled persons to do picking work by following the lights and displays. The light module informs the part and how many need to be picked up.

Creintors Automation Solution

Automatic Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS)

It is industry 4.0 enabled with AI.

  • A one-stop source for efficiency-enhancing solutions ranging from pallet racks and containers to mini-load systems.
  • It is a dynamic storage-retrieval machine or shuttle system.
  • Innovative solution with compact design.
  • An automated storage and retrieval system delivers productivity and throughput gains while dramatically reducing and building footprints by maximizing density.
  • Inventory control and order management ensure real-time operational visibility and detailed management information.
  • ASRS is a cost-effective solution for conventional warehouses running out of space.
  • ASRS significantly increases the pallet storage capacity by replacing the conventional pallet racking and hence extending the life of the building.

Check out the latest video at an event held @Mumbai,

Another product that’s also going to launch in Industry 4.0 area,

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