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What is the important role of cyberspace in Urban society planning?

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The main approach of rebuilding the urban society is not the traditional way but placing importance on cyber-physical convergence. Society 5.0 can be created by replacing the traditional value using new approaches and setting a methodology to frame the broad change.

Cyberspace got three important roles in innovating cities and living spaces. The first role is the choice for the employees to choose from where they work with an alternative office environment.

The second role providing freedom of choice to people to choose the place to live and work. The concept of cyberspace helps in check-in or reducing inefficiencies and energy consumption.

The third role is facilitating citizen-led community-based planning. It allows to gather and collate citizens’ Big Data. For example, mobile spatial data or people-flow data. The data helps in sharing and evaluating future visions.

The examples for the second role are BEMS (Building Energy Management System) and CEMS (Community Energy Management System).

Smart community development projects by Fuji Electric provide BEMS and CEMS in cities of Japan. Fuji Electric is providing such services in cities like Yokohama and Kitakyushu.

The features on which Fuji Electric is building Kitakyushu projects are: –

  1. New Asian city type smart grid – The supply of power across the region from the power source but independent from the large-scale power system.
  2. Unused factory waste heat is used practically.
  3. Hydrogen energy is used in the town known as Kitakyushu hydrogen town.
  4. Users taking part in the regional energy management system.
  5. Smart metering and demand response verified.

The optimization of the supply and demand of electric power, heat, and hydrogen gas plan is known as the Community energy management system.

Source:- Hitachi – Utokyo Laboratory (Society 5.0); Smart energy business briefing.

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