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Do you think IoT can create E-waste?

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As the journey of new technology is growing and advancing creating new platforms and a world with enormous opportunities, how about the waste and the concern of storage problems or reusing the outdated technology devices. One major issue is E-waste.

The Internet of Things is no doubt opening doors in every other sector, but the concerns are regarding the millions and billions of sensors used for extracting the information in terms of data for the real-time operating system.

However, the billions of sensors or devices used in the process have been identified with a limited life span and need to be replaced now, and then, after successfully the purpose has been resolved.

It has been identified as a major issue by experts, as the old devices are considered to be creating waste or E-waste, either need to be thrown or sent for reuse. Even though, the device faces trouble to be accepted among society, due to high cost and typecast as technology, working on personal information with storing capability for a long period.

The situation created an unwanted hesitance among the general mass of people due to working completely via personal information and the internet.

The Sustainable Development Goals are expected to be adapted and effectively implemented in industries to combat serious issues related to handling waste, but how far, is it effective in handling the E-waste? As the new platforms are creating opportunities for laying the foundation of new ideas for companies and industries, the implementation of each SDG can be easier and effective to become the prime core for each company.

In my opinion, E-waste is a serious issue, solutions like designing biodegradable or non-hazardous sensor nodes and deploying them rightfully can generate new ideas of using sustainable devices for a longer lifespan.

Source:- Challenges in the Area of IoT by Manish Kumar Saini, Akanksha Ahharwal, and Sunita Saini.

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