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DYNAVAC-Smart Industrial Dust Collector

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The company was founded in 1989 and the head office is located in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India. The company got 30 years of experience in the cleaning equipment industry. The operating revenue is in the range of Rs. 1 to 100 Crore.

The main three directors are- Srinivasan SethuramGovindarajulu Arun Lakshminarayan, and Sethuram Srivardham

The company is specialised in the production of Industrial Vacuum Cleaners, Dust Collectors, Vacuum  Loaders, and Centralized Vacuum Systems.

The products offered by the company are Dust Collectors, Industrial Vacuum Cleaners, Blowers, Vacuum Loader, Downdraft Tables, Fume Extractors, and Paint Booth.

Industrial Vacuum Cleaners are heavy-duty vacuum cleaners. The three-phase machines are for collecting a wide variety of Wet & Dry Dust such as Cotton, Metal Chips, Metal Powders, Foundry Sand, Sand Blasting shots collection, carbon powders, cement, graphite powders, PVC Powder, Coolant, Oil Spillages, Flood water, Dust, Debris, Powder Coating Powder, Paint Powder, Chemicals, Flour and Spices and Food Particles in various industries.

Dust collectors are handling all sorts of combustible and toxic dust, and fumes, including fine, fibrous, and heavy dust loads. The dust collectors are mostly used in companies with chemicals, Carbon, PVC, Engineering, Foundry, FMCG, Aerospace, Defence, Mining, cement, food, fishing manufacturing, or in laboratories.

Check out the live video of the industrial vacuum cleaner, Nova (dry), Prime, and Hydra (wet &Dry),

In my opinion, it is the best concept seen and shows their growth over the 30 years of the timeline. We always think about the latest technology but the primary need to clean the remaining particles intelligently and efficiently with advanced techniques depicts the real industrial growth in the market.

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