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What flexible networks are available for industry 4.0 applications?

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In Industry 4.0, extensive digitalization is required with new production processes, new products, and business models.

The concept of Industry 4.0 depends on the success where new requirements and trends can be met flexibly. To reconfigure a wired communication environment is difficult that runs the risk of becoming obsolete whereas wireless technologies such as Wi-Fi can often be a problem, relying on enough to produce facilities with many reflections.

In an industrial context, it is stable and reliable to have such a network that guarantees the wireless bandwidth of 10Mb/s where all machines are connected with low latency. In an industrial environment, the aim is to provide coverage of guaranteed and homogeneous networks where unstable networks often offer high peak rates.

It is important for human workers to be equipped with AR glasses which can be found in future factories. 5G, Massive MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output), and distributed Massive MIMO are such technologies that play an important role to make the future vision a reality.

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