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What development stages and functional areas are required to reach Industry 4.0?

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There are 6 main stages that need to be built up gradually within the company which may take several years for the transformation process of the project.

Computerization, Connectivity, Visibility, Transparency, ability to Forecast, and Adaptability are the main stages needed to be considered to complete and generate a company’s digital image and also how an upcoming decision can be made by its data with the results that will be autonomously best and the derived measured can be implemented in its possible shortest time.  

For a transformation to be successful, a basic prerequisite is required to develop a learning and agile organization. Resources, information systems, culture, and organizational structure are the 4 designed field which constitutes such an environment.  

These designed fields are mainly connected by the six stages that have been defined above.

Then comes the individual functional areas where the required skills are separately considered. Development, Production, Logistics, service, and marketing & sales are considered to be five different functional areas.

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