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What goals and hindrances did Germany face in Industry 4.0 in 2018?

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As the country is famous for its automation world and its machinery world. Have you thought about the goals and the hindrance Germany faced in 2018?

The process is evolving always in technology. But what is an easy process? Goals were identified but which got the high weightage.

What about the obstacles or hindrances?

Top hindrance identified in Industry 4.o in Germany

The obstacles identified are something with every new technology. A high amount of investment will be needed leading to risk. And a shortage of skills for that particular work.

More than 90% of the German companies agreed they got the industry 4.0 budget for themselves.

The main reasons to invest in Industry 4.0?

Why invest in Germany?

The three major targets, improving the process, maximizing the capacity utilization, and the production costs low.  Any industry will focus on maximizing capacity utilization.

As we have seen in Six sigma, the focus is to get rid of the wastage or where the time has been taken to increase the capacity.

In my opinion, the reasons to implement Industry 4.0 are not going to change. but the obstacles with awareness and time may improve. Maybe one or two add-ons in the upcoming year as an obstacle identified by a majority of the companies. But the costs and skills are something going to be a major issue.

Source:- Statista Industry 4.0 in Germany

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