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How high level of protection can be achieved by GS.Gate in Industry 4.0?

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The GS.Gate is designed according to the security by Design principle. The security aspects determine the basic structure of the system. The data processing applications talks to the machine are strictly separated from the security systems that protect the communication and interface towards an external network.

The area which is separated has its own operating systems as well as permanently assigned hardware resources, with no overlap. This security architecture enables a MicroKernel operating system, which runs as the lowest level on the gateway and creates strictly separated areas.

The advantage is it can only be the specially hardened security systems that are visible to the outside, towards the network. These are kept up to date by regular updates and are thus armed against all current threats.

Behind this strong protective screen, the strictly separated data processing applications are not accessible from the outside, so they can be operated without constant intervention through updates and patches. In this way, changes or even disruptions to the coordinated processes can be avoided.

The GS.Gate enables machine manufacturers and operators to take a big step forward in digitization, providing flexible analysis options directly at their machines, combined with strong security in networking and, above all, connection to external clouds. This enables companies to securely exploit the advantages of networking to Industry 4.0.

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