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How Industry 4.0 will be viewed?

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The growth of the fourth industry not only open the door for new opportunities but also different sector. As the term indicates, it is not just identified with Machinery and industrial sector but also in the agricultural and forest business. A business with opportunities in digitalizing the records and also with automated functions can turn the avenue.

Industry 4.0 also introduces certain effects among the peers in the industry, including the C-level managers, employment skills with investment in them. What kind of growth potential it holds in Industry 4.0? How cost reductions in new technologies are effective?

Below the two graphs portrays a picture of Industry 4.0,

Effect of the fourth industry.
Growth opportunities of the Fourth industry in Germany in 2015.

In my opinion, the change also introduces some effects and also growth opportunities in the various sectors without any limiting effect or boundary.

Source:- Industry.de; Bitkom; Fraunhofer IAO; Statista (Industrie 4.0 – Wachstumschancen ausgewählter Branchen in Deutschland 2025)

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