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How IoT can play significant roles in cities?

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The race to a smart city is not far. The future belongs to smart communication not just between vehicles but also between the automatic light system. The IoT evolutions are leading the path to transforming cities with automatic light systems, smart parking systems, smart weather monitoring systems, traffic control systems that are automatic, smart waste management, controlling pollution but how far IoT has been successful.

The main need for IoT is the internet, the faster the connection, the better is the transmission of data, but how about the connectivity due to the availability of the internet.

The main solution for the smart city is also to provide a secured digital connection and also privacy concerns. The investment is huge and it comes with a challenge that is not so easy to comprehend. The navigation of such investment can only be through the clearly laid out structure with proper planning of availability of internet through hot spots, paid services, 5G to 7G with advancement. The better the cities are connected; the more crime can be controlled more and will be under control.

The capability of the sensor is also crucial stuff for vendors to navigate with applications and data acquired via various reliable sources.

Source:- Challenges in the Area of IoT by Manish Kumar Saini, Akansha Aggarwal, and Sunita Saini.

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