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How well Germany is prepared with Industry 4.0?

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This top competition with key players and stakeholders is not just only analyzing the trend and topics but also the need for investment. The need for gain in efficiency by digitalization, the strategy needed to be pursued, or the budget is sufficient for the investment? Is Germany ready for Industry 4.0?

The dilemma is present and still a challenge among most of the firms to keep moving. The need of the firms to be ready to tackle the financial hurdles and problems is a road quite a trouble.

Is efficiency gained by Industry 4.0 and digitalization for flexibility?
Source:- VDMA
Are companies pursuing a strategy for Industry 4.0?
Source:- Bitkom
Does Germany had budget for Industry 4.0 in 2018?
Source:- Bitkom

In my opinion, the concerns are quite genuine among the firms to go further in such a big investment. Even though it is the latest trend but without any preparation and with pre-plan it is quite difficult to jump into any such analysis. The question is how far have we come to address such issues and the concerns have been handled with precautionary steps so that the guidelines can be adopted by other countries also?

Source:- Statista (Industry 4.0)

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