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Is IEC 63171 the basic standard for SPE connectors?

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The examined connectors are proposed by ISO/IEC standards where the bodies are at the beginning of 2018 to meet the basic requirements, defined as per the basic SPE standard for connectors IEC 63171 as “General Requirements and Tests”. IEC 63171-6 is the first standard since 23 January 2020 for Industrial SPE connectors. The standardization work has not been complemented yet.

The PROFIBUS and PROFINET International organization and ODVA are some of them evaluating the current topic. SPE connectors with the first draft are for industrial and industry-related applications based on Harting. The development started in 2014, submitted to SC48B in 2016, and as per IEC 61076-3-125 standard, was published up to Committee Draft for comments status. CommScope i.e. IEC 63171-1 standard and Reichle & DE Massari (IEC 63171-2) standard are used for building cabling applications.

In cooperation with TE Connectivity, IEC 61076-3-125 has been updated to IEC 63171-6 for applications like M2I2C2E2 and M3I3C3E3, published on 23rd January 2020. IEC 63171-5, used for industrial application for M2I2C2E2 and M3I3C3E3, has been based on the Phoenix Contact and the publication of the standard is scheduled for May 2020.

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