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What independent application cabling are available with four chambers?

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As per the addition of a pure single-pair cabling structure, a four-pair cabling structure is permissible enough to set up for transmitting four individual SPE channels simultaneously as well as cable sharing. Especially it is a great advantage in industrial applications wherein in a confined space, numerous sensors are installed.

The structures bundled with few additional connection components can be implemented with technologies as per IEC 63171-2 (IP20 environment) and IEC 63171-5 (IP67 environment) with the same mating face. Connection with a four-pair based on M12 connectors can be extended with the connection technology for SPE as described in IEC 63171-5. The mating face is the same for possible connections that can be combined with IP20 and IP67 protection.

In the field of measurement technology, it is particularly advantageous for compatibility where existing cabling systems in the IP67 environment can be measured quickly and easily with qualified IP20 connectors as per the standards.

It is possible to have a direct four-pair measurement but individual pairs in the four-pair system can be measured with higher demands on the connectors as compared to the standard ISO/IEC 11801-1:2017-12, the connections of four pairs can be independently used for the application in accordance to IEC 63171-2 and IEC 63171-5.

Data centers, office, home, and industry are some application which is conceivable. The technologies with different IP20 and IP67 environments are always with the same transmission characteristics.

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