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What perspective does India hold for Industry 4.0?

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Industry 4.0 comprises modern technologies such as cloud computing, IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Science, 3D printing, 5G, Drones, and Communications to enhance the manufacturing production process. So what is India’s perspective on Industry 4.0?

Industry 4.0 provides the cyber-physical environment for the smart factories to operate with the machines being able to communicate to each other over the IoT.

Human intervention with timely alert systems is used usually for predicted cause and maintenance needs in any machine while it is working uninterruptably. The Industry 4.0 implementation is not just for horizontal factory-to-factory integration but also vertical integration in the hierarchies of the production line.

Well how far the digital ecosystem is accepted in India? Has it been integrated completely into the digital ecosystem?

A collaboration has been launched between the World Economic Forum set up in 2018 with the GOI (Government of India) for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The NITI Aayog has been considered as the main agency for discussing the new policy frameworks with the World Economic Forum for emerging technologies.

Under Samarth Udyog Bharat 4.0 (Smart Advanced Manufacturing and Rapid Transformation Hubs), several technological proposals such as awareness programs, training, demo centers are being pushed to be implemented for proper technological solutions by 2025.

The Industry 4.0 policies formulated policies related to the industry, academia, and international cooperation.  The road to enhance the GDP to 25% in the manufacturing unit is one of the major tasks in India‚Äôs National Manufacturing Policy.

However, comparatively, India is way behind other countries in the sector of Industry 4.0. Maybe they need has not been generated? Or due to a huge labor force and a massive population that cannot be replaced by robots or by a smart factory? Or is it the cost of the end product to be too high that has been balanced out with the cheap labor force?

The reasons are not known but with a large educated and skilled engineering force, Industry 4.0 in India has not been able to shine such as in other sectors.

Source:- Financialexpress

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