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Is Siemens ahead of ABB?

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Siemens is one of the pioneers in the industrial automation manufacturing companies from Germany. ABB, the collaboration of Swedish-Swiss multinational corporation, is headquartered in Switzerland.

Both companies got a stronghold in the industrial automation market. Siemens diversified itself into four separate divisions as Industry, Energy, Healthcare, and Infrastructure & Cities whereas ABB operated mainly in robotics, power, and other heavy electrical equipment.

ABB has been on the list of the global Fortune 500 company for the last 24 years. ABB is traded on the SIX Swiss Exchange in Z├╝rich, Nasdaq Stockholm, and the New York Stock Exchange in the US.

Siemens Corporation is in the Euro Stoxx 50 stock market index.

The following financial year’s revenue from 2013 to 2019 shows the growth was high for Siemens AG as compared to ABB.

Industrial automation: Siemens AG

The following FY from Siemens shows that the revenue saw steady growth in 2015.

Industrial Automation ABB Group

However, ABB Group had a huge drop in 2016. Even though, the subsequent years showed steady growth in its revenue generation. But it failed to match the revenue generated in 2013 or 2015.

If you compare the financial revenue of both companies, Siemens is way ahead of ABB Group. Even though Siemens went through its own up and down. The financial revenue numbers are high enough to compare with ABB revenues generated in the following years.

Source:- Siemens AG, ABB.

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