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What is the growth rate of the Industrial Ethernet market?

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The industrial Ethernet and wireless network market is an ever-growing market. As the industry is developing and growing vastly, the expansion in the various industrial networks is also growing whereas the situation for fieldbuses is decreasing as per the point of view from an independent HMS (Hardware meet Software) solution provider.

The industrial devices and system networking are unbroken where Industrial Ethernet counts for 59% which are installed newly while 35% is recorded for fieldbuses as compare to 42% from the previous year. Ethernet/IP is recorded with 15% that is still a leading network followed by 14% of PROFINET. As per the research data from Elektronik Praxis, 6% of the market strongly believed that wireless technologies are developing continuously.

So, what is a node in terms of an industrial network, it is defined as a machine or a connected device. The industrial network market has been evaluated by the HMS which focuses on nodes that are newly installed in the automation factory.

Source- Elektronik Praxis

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