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What is the comparison of Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing?

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In the manufacturing industry, Industry 4.0 and Smart manufacturing are related to the advancement of technology. However, both are different in key points.

Industry 4.0 means the whole fourth industrial revolution. The integration of advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, IoT, and robotics is involved in the manufacturing process.

The goal of Industry 4.0 is to create more smart factories that are efficient, flexible, and adaptive. In technology and infrastructure, a significant investment is needed for the adoption of new processes and practices.

The revolutionizing of the manufacturing process and increasing competitiveness in the global market got a high potential for Industry 4.0.

Smart manufacturing is a subset of Industry 4.0. It uses the fully-integrated, collaborative manufacturing systems to respond in real-time so that the changing demands and conditions can be met.

By integrating automated systems with cutting-edge technology, the digital transformation of manual and mechanical systems may increase productivity, efficiency, and performance.

Smart manufacturing, interchangeably known as “smart factory”, also promises to improve the capabilities and performance of the manufacturing sector.

The several benefits smart manufacturing offers over Industry 4.0 are:-

  • Manufacturers are enabled with high productivity from existing production capabilities to develop the next-generation digital economy.
  • In real-time, efficiency is improved with smart manufacturing systems to be able to meet the changing demands and conditions.
  • The product quality is improved with the use of real-time data and analytics.
  • Seamless communication is enabled by increased opportunities and knowledge sharing between different systems.
  • Customer satisfaction is improved with smart manufacturing systems due to the high-quality production and its ability for responding to changing customer demands.

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