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How Industry 4.0 is performing in Germany?

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As per a survey by Bitkom, the investment made in Industry 4.0 in Germany in 2019 is 2.31 billion Euros and in 2020 is forecasted to be 2.62 billion Euros. Whereas in 2016, 1.06 billion Euros of investment was made in the Industry 4.0 sector.

In the survey conducted by McKinsey, the investment made in the USA, Germany, and Japan for the progress of Industry 4.0 in 2106 was 50%,56%, and 16% good as compared to 2015.

In Japan, comparatively the investment was not that high as compared to its counterpart countries in the advancement of technology. The survey was done in 2016 where the investment in Germany can be seen comparatively in good amount.

As per a survey by VDE (2016), the major technological areas identified to be important as a business location in Germany are: –

Key Industry 4.0 technologies for Germany

In my opinion, the first three technology sectors show an immense opportunity for the growth for Germany to be a business location area with opportunities to be growing powerfully.

The area promises to be important in the development and enhancement of technical growth.

Source:- Statista

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