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Which are the top 10 Industry 4.0 technologies expected to have a great impact on organization?

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Industry 4.0 technologies are the recent waves. Even before we hit Industry 5.0.

Even though the current scenario shows that big tech companies have been considered as a global threat in terms of competition. But technologies are something ruling the world. Whoever knows their fundamentals strongly, can create and become the master of the ruler of that market domain.

Technologies have not only given tough competition to the existing players. But also enabling people to create a market of their own with various products.

And even create an online platform for a billion-dollar adventure. It is not just the 9 3/4 platforms that are interesting. Or connect you to a different world. But also the world of online platforms is making interconnections so fast and high speed, that the world is just one click away.

Not just economically but also the knowledge of technology can provide you the gate to enter into limitless opportunities. And wonders of the world. The technology is not limited and still.

It keeps on expanding with various ideas and concepts. Opening up to new possibilities to provide a path to create something on which the world can rely to have their business.

Top 10 Industry 4.0 technologies.

In my opinion, the internet of things and artificial intelligence are two major sectors in Industry 4.0. With the potentiality of attracting variety from different industries and sectors.

The two technologies show the growth rate of such technologies at high speed. And also how varying the technologies are in terms of the potentiality of being able to rise and grow exponentially.

Source:- Deloitte; Confederation of Indian Industry.

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