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Did we enter into Industry 5.0?

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As most of the world was engrossed with Industry 4.0 and how technologies can be used for human benefit. The era of Industry 5.0 has just begun where smart robotics are created with combinations from human creativity.

Over the years, optimizing Automation is becoming more important where the integration of people is increasing with a threatening cause. But as we can see the constant growth of personalized products is increasing and the focus is more on robot-controlled mass production and not on human creativity.

In the last 300 years, the industry is developing with breath-taking speed. If we look back, in the 18th century, the process of urbanization has been running successfully with traditional rural societies in Europe and America where a period of prosperity has been experienced in the Iron and textile industry after the invention of the steam engine.

Before the First World War, new industry branches have emerged with oil extraction and steel production with electrified mass production that has been allowed to begin. Industry 2.0 was just the beginning where technical development has been accelerated.

The age of Industry 3.0 has been seen to start from the 1970s with digital technology, industrial processes with automation, and the robots were introduced in that particular age.

As we can see today, Industry 4.0 has revolutionized the Internet of Things (IoT) which includes robots connected via the internet to generate a continuous stream of data. In order to gain greater insight, data can be used for industrial processes to support the ongoing process’s optimization.

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