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Is this an intelligent revolution for industry 4.0?

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The torque and speed can be measured with an expensive torque transducer where in many cases it can be oversized. A new alternative has been brought by the R+W Antriebselemente into the new market with an intelligent clutch.

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) goals are to include operational efficiency that can be optimized, production costs can be reduced, equipment or machinery can be monitored. The production processes can be adapted to a specified requirement to collect and process data.

Modern methods can be used continuously to improve process reliability such as predictive maintenance and artificial intelligence in machines. The result included a shortening of throughput times and an increase in product quality. In the drive technology field, the data cannot be necessary to collect with little effort. The acquisition of measurement data can be made difficult in a rotating drive train as the networking is direct via the cable that is not possible or the required installation space is lacking.

A user-friendly and versatile hardware and software solutions can be offered with an intelligent coupling by R+W Antriebselemente. The Intelligent Coupling is an upgraded series coupling, that offers additional functions in the field of measurement technology by means of an integrated sensor system. The sensor system measures torque, speed, acceleration, rotation, and position in space.

In internal electronics, the data are processed directly which are simultaneously transmitted and displayed on a wireless connected mobile device. The mechanical properties of the coupling are not affected by the integrated electronics where it can also be compensated for axial, lateral, and angular misalignment, and torque that can be transmitted.



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