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What is the importance of IoH?

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The phenomenon is quite popular among the Japanese group of scientific researchers. The IoH stands for Internet of Humans. It is known as the humans and things being connected over the network.

A group of Hitachi researchers used wearable sensors to measure happiness. The experiment measures the impact of happiness on performance. The result shows an improvement in productivity with 37% and 300% more creativity by happy people than unhappy ones.

Happy people also tend to have a good social life with more friends. The life span was also longer than the usual ones. The earnings per share are also higher for companies with happy workforces.

The activity patterns of a call center were also measured with wearable sensors in the Hitachi study. The study was conducted to collect data over 1 million days. The happy mood was suggested with the emission of signals from the sensors during active behaviour patterns.

The study shows 34% more businesses with a happy team than an unhappy team. The study did make a huge revelation about the importance of mental well-being in the world of automation.

The business growth is not completely dependent on the new technology or technical devices but on effective happy people. Economic success is directly proportional to the mental happiness of the workforce.

The study also effectively shows the use of IoH more in digitalizing human activity to monitor growth. The data are effective to create a people-centric society for better happiness in the world.

The key to the growth of IoH depends on the active involvement of the citizens to provide their data.

However, data privacy is a concern in today’s age. The hacking of data or misuse of personal data for illegal activities is on the high radar. Even though the advancement technology always shows the boons or the pros to human society. The cons or the major hurdles caused in the society are the problematic features to avail any benefit for the well-being of the human society.

The focus of IoH is human-centric. To provide the customer with utmost benefit. An example of an IoH pilot project used in Helsinki City Transport, known as Kutsuplus was tailored as per the citizen’s demand.

It was an on-demand minibus service launched by the HSL. The service was designed to match the passenger’s needs with a minibus driver. In a smartphone app, the citizens need to fee their desired starting point, destination, and arrival time.

The query will then be matched in the app with a suitable boarding point, destination, and timetable. The minibus drivers will adjust the routes and timetables with the available user’s data. The optimum routes as per the user’s need will then be deduced by the Minibus drivers to dynamically customize the services.

Source:- Hitachi-UTokyo Laboratory (H-UTokyo Lab.) Society 5.0

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