Companies working on IoT-enabled predictive maintenance and wearable technology

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The two powerful technologies, predictive maintenance and wearable technology enabled by IoT enhance the improvement of the maintenance and efficiency of the industrial and manufacturing processes.

Predictive maintenance involves using sensors and other connected devices for collecting real-time data about the performance and conditioning of the machines and equipment. The collected data is used by machine learning and other algorithms to analyze the prediction and maintenance of the machine when it is needed to identify any major potential issues or problems.

Whereas wearable technology involves using small, portable devices for workers to collect data about health and performance. The final result is used for monitoring worker safety, tracking productivity, and identifying the areas needed for improvements.

The combination of both the technology enables the companies for creating an efficient and safer workplace such as monitoring workers performing tasks in a hazardous environment or even predictive maintenance for preventing any equipment failures and downtime.

Companies working on IoT-enabled predictive maintenance and wearable technology are:-

  1. IBM Watson IoT: A suite of IoT solutions has been offered by IBM which includes predictive maintenance for using machine learning to analyze the data from sensors and predict equipment failures before they occur. The company also provides wearable devices and platforms for health and wellness monitoring known as Watson Health.
  2. Microsoft Azure IoT: A range of IoT solutions such as Azure IoT hub was offered by Microsoft for device connectivity and management. Azure IoT Edge is used for running analytics and machine learning at the edge. The anomalies in the equipment data are detected via predictive maintenance using machine learning by Microsoft.
  3. Siemens MindSphere: Mindsphere offered by Siemens is an IoT platform that includes predictive maintenance capabilities. The analysis of the equipment data is done by the MindSphere using machine learning. It helps in predicting failures also before it occurs. Wearable technology is also offered by Siemens for industrial workers, such as smart glasses and connected safety vests.
  4. Honeywell Connected Plant: Connected Plant is an industrial IoT platform offered by Honeywell that includes predictive maintenance capabilities. Machine learning is also used by the Connected Plant for analyzing the equipment data and predicting failure before it occurs. The company also offers wearable technology for industrial workers such as smart glasses and connected safety helmets.
  5. Fitbit Health Solutions: A variety of range of wearable devices for health and wellness tracking such as fitness trackers and smartwatches are offered by Fitbit for monitoring the health and wellness of the patients and employees.
  6. Apple Health: Apple Watch is one of the wearable devices that include health and fitness tracking capabilities for monitoring health and wellness data from various sources such as Apple devices and third-party apps.
  7. Samsung SmartThings: A range of IoT solutions are offered by Samsung such as SmartThings connecting and controlling the smart devices in the home. A different range of sensors is offered for monitoring the home environment such as temperature, humidity, and motion.

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