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What IoT projects are important for India?

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The various IoT-related applications for which India is working in different sectors and domains are:

  • Smart agriculture: The increased use of IoT can be seen to improve productivity, quality, and sustainability in the agriculture sector, which employs more than 50% of its population. CropIn, for example, has created a smart farm management platform that collects and analyzes data on crop growth, soil health, weather, pests, and diseases using IoT sensors and devices. The tool also offers farmers practical information and tips to help them improve their farming operations.
  • Smart healthcare: India is leveraging IoT to improve the accessibility, cost, and efficacy of its healthcare services, particularly in rural and distant locations. Dozee, for example, has created a contactless health monitor that utilizes IoT to detect patients’ vital signs and sleep quality via a tiny sensor sheet put under the mattress. In addition, the monitor notifies caretakers or doctors of any irregularities or crises.
  • Smart education: India is utilizing IoT to enhance the quality and delivery of its education system, which is beleaguered by issues such as a lack of facilities, resources, and instructors. For example, iAugmentor, a company, has created a smart learning platform that leverages IoT to deliver tailored and interactive learning experiences for students using a variety of devices, such as tablets, smart boards, and virtual reality headsets. The platform also monitors and assesses students’ development and performance.
  • Smart manufacturing: India is adopting IoT to overhaul its manufacturing sector, which accounts for around 15% of its GDP. Altizon, for example, has created an industrial IoT platform that connects and monitors equipment, processes, and products in manufacturing plants. The platform also employs artificial intelligence and analytics to deliver real-time insights and optimization for enhancing the productivity, quality, and profitability of manufacturing processes.
  • Smart energy: India is utilizing IoT to improve energy use and generation, which is critical for economic growth and environmental conservation. Zenatix, for example, has created an energy management solution that leverages IoT to monitor and control the energy use of numerous appliances and devices in commercial buildings. Machine learning and analytics are also used within the solution to deliver energy-saving advice and automation.

SmartFarm is the name of CropIn’s smart farm management platform. It is a comprehensive and highly configurable farm management platform that assists farmers and agribusinesses in digitizing their farms, monitoring their crops, and improving productivity, profitability, and sustainability.

Some of the features and benefits of SmartFarm are:

  • It uses satellite images and artificial intelligence to geotag agricultural plots and recognize crops and varieties growing on them.
  • It allows customers to employ IoT sensors and devices to monitor input utilization, crop health, weather conditions, pest and disease incidence, and yield estimation on their farms.
  • It provides customers with real-time and individualized advice on the best techniques, agrochemicals, and activities for their crops based on a bundle of practices and agronomic models.
  • It allows customers to manage their field teams, assign assignments, measure progress, and assess performance using a mobile app and a web dashboard.
  • It creates unique business intelligence reports and insights to help customers examine agricultural data, find gaps, and make educated decisions.

SmartFarm is a cloud-based platform that can be used and combined with other apps and data sources on any device. It is also crop- and place-agnostic, which means it can support any crop in any area. SmartFarm is utilized by over 250 clients in 92 countries and benefits over 7 million farmers. CropIn, a renowned agritech business that aspires to empower the agri-ecosystem with data-driven insight, offers SmartFarm as one of its products.

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