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Which are the top 10 Industry 4.0 IoT applications?

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Industry 4.0 is leading the business to grow in a faster, smarter, and more profitable way. The fully automated system, IoT enabled smart industry 4.0 technologies are not just for auto industries but can be seen in the Robotics industry or even the health sector.

The top 10 Industry 4.0 IoT applications are:-

  1. Big data and Analytics:- One of the key support in customer attraction or even in the big industries are the need for a huge amount of data for proper forecasting and analysis of the performance for insightful information. The data collected through IoT sensors, sales forecasts, and production volumes need Big Data & Analytics tools for real-time analysis in the virtual world.
  2. Autonomous Robotics:- The need to work in areas not fit for humans to work, repetitive work or any sort of high-precision tasks in the production lines needs the support of humanoid robots.  The benefits are the continuous production with limited to no downtime, efficiency, and productivity is fast and mainly the work-associated risk are lowered from the hazardous environment.
  3. Simulations and Digital Twins:- A digital twin is the simulated model of a real-world object. Several simulations are run for inefficiencies identifications or to improve the opportunities. It also runs preemptive tests for systems and machines.
  4. Horizontal and Vertical System Integration:- Horizontal integration enables the machinery, IoT devices, processes, and manpower to work together whereas vertical integration ensures the production data is actionable and available by different departments in the business line. It helps to cope with the delay in the supply chain or decisions made by the sales team.
  5. Industrial IIoT (IoT):- It is mostly used in manufacturing equipment, air filtering, and HVAC for the device sensors to collect operational and environmental data. The primary data from the sensors are used in manufacturing processes and technology decisions.
  6. Cyber security technology:- The risks of using IoT cybersecurity systems are high. However, it can be automatically tackled by AI, machine learning, and blockchain to protect the security systems against a wide variety of attacks from social engineering to ransomware to DDoS.
  7. The Cloud:- It is cheap, secure, fast, and pre-configured with data redundancies and business continuity measures. The specific needs and business processes can be outsourced to the cloud such as SaaS, CaaS, IaaS, or XaaS.
  8. 3D printing:- The technology is used for digital modeling of real-time objects that can be printed in 3D. Big data to combine with AI for AI-generated innovations or inventions.
  9. Artificial Intelligence and Manufacturing:- The most powerful usage in predictions in market trends, supply& demand, and even in maintenance.
  10. Augmented reality and virtual reality:- The AR lenses can be used for floor information in warehouses, with instant alerts, tooltips, or hazardous material warnings. It can also be used in immersive, and realistic simulations.

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