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How IoT is shifting the nature of the factory works?

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 The collaboration of the Internet of things and robotics on a real-time basis has influenced human collaboration on a different level.

A new era of humans and robots are working together on a collaborative project with the repetitive task being done with efficiency due to automation. The automated projects supported the manpower from manual work to highly skilled jobs.

The productivity of the repeated task is increased due to high efficiency with precise workloads. The connected devices with sensors and real-time processes enabled humans to make on-time decisions with real-time data with analytical observation. Hence faster and more improvised decision-making capability to enhance productivity on a mass scale.

One more impact IoT played on making a shift is the maintenance work. The role of predictive maintenance increases the skills of using data analytics more than any experienced-based maintenance role. The nature improvised the productivity rate and handling any sort of delayed due to the lack of proper maintenance.

Also, remote maintenance helped humans to work even from their homes or far away from the factory location. It helps in controlling costs or expenses when it comes to a foreign location. IF the person is old enough to travel, he can remotely supervise the maintenance and take the necessary measured steps.

Finally the role of simulation and optimising the projects. The simulation of any device, be it a micro or a big product led to the enhancement in optimising the final products or even simulating devices.

In my opinion, the shift due to the technologically advanced tool has aided a powerful supportive help in the factory. The stress or the overload of work sometimes delayed the operation. The minute or the precise work details are the major areas in creating the bigger final production. IoT and the collaboration of the robotic world helped in handling and minimising such cumbersome and repetitive tasks with elegance.

Source:- Statista (In-depth Industry 4.0)

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