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Is AI creating pros for Industry 4.0?

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Industry 4.0 is a revolutionary concept not just in Germany but across the world. The concept not only made the automation faster but increase the productivity space and thereby hike the competition also. So, now what about AI? Is it possible to venture AI into Industry 4.0 and get more out of this combination?

As per a survey conducted by the Bitkom research group,

AI Pros in Industry 4.0

The survey clearly shows that the major advantages are the improvement in the process and the utilization capacity resulting in reduced production costs.

However, with AI in Industry 4.0, the results conducted by Bitkom Research,

Advantages of AI in Industry 4.0

The survey shows an increase in productivity and quality of the product and thereby a reduction in the costs.

In my opinion, the survey result shows the inclusion of AI to be beneficial and advantageous but also a concern that how dependence on AI may create trouble for unskilled jobs. The tension may be for the low-paid jobs whether it will get succumbed under the pressure of high competition or will there be any solution to limit the usage of AI in context to Industry 4.0?

Source:- Statista (AI)

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