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Is there any differentiation with OPC UA?

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If an identical interface is offered by RFID readers by different manufacturers, it does not mean that device differentiation falls by wayside. The answer is definitely No. In addition to a standardized information model, manufacturers from each device can be offered with its models that are parallel as an extra. 

The device standard and device individuality can be combined to make sense and is ideally suited for a competing device manufacturer that has a chance to reach an agreement but still, their added value is made available to the outside world.  

However, an OPC UA client has all access to all sorts of interfaces that can be standardized for a specific manufacturer with the same mechanism. The modeling data and services are the layers for a real key for Industry 4.0.

The essential difference in the cloud is to just push IoT data wherein various organization it has been recognized as a model which is market-specific information models with OPC UA which gives an overview to be found on the OPC Foundation web.

In the manufacturer-independent non-profit organization, membership is not required for using OPC UA technology or for creating OPC UA products.

Source:- Elektronik Praxis

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