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What do we know about Lapp India?

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Lapp Group is headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany. It was founded in 1959. The Lapp Group is a leading supplier of integrated wire, cabling, and connector products and solution. The company offers electrical, and fiber optic cables, industrial plug-in and screw connectors, cabling solutions, automation technology, and technical accessories.

Lapp India is a 100% subsidiary of Lapp Group. They are located in Bengaluru and Bhopal. Lapp provides power & control cables, data communication cables for Ethernet and Fieldbus technology, optical transmission systems, industrial connectors, glands, conduits, cable markers, tools, and accessories.

Plug and play cable is also provided by Lapp and also connectivity solutions under ÖLFLEX®️ CONNECT and Industrial Communication solutions for seamless network connectivity.

They provide services in different segments such as automotive, cement, textile, food & beverage, infrastructure, machine tools, metal & mining, oil and gas, railways, renewable energy, and e-mobility.

Lapp group’s 8 brands are-


As per LAPP Group,

LAPP Cable & Connection For Automotive Industry

LAPP provides superior quality cables, industrial connectors, glands, conduits, marking systems, tools & accessories, customized systems, and robotics solutions for the intelligent factory of the future with the challenges fulfilled.

For Example
 Continues flexibility
 Robust and extremely high resistance to torsion and reverse bending
 Oil, chemical resistance, and extreme temperature solution
 Application-specific and long-lasting
 Slim in construction and light in weight
 EMC and lossless transmission
 Plug and play / complete connectivity solution
 Composite cable solution (power, control/signal, data, and fibre)

Broadly, the cables and wires used in these automated equipment/devices have to be flexible, temperature resistant, chemical & mechanical resistant, weather resistant, flame retardant, halogen-free, fire survival, etc.

automated systems in the automotive and ancillary industry are capable of working more tirelessly, faster, and more exactly than humans. Robot technology hence is becoming one of the most dynamic areas for development. They are now used in almost all industries since they have become a crucial component for complex production processes due to their superiority.

LAPP has substantial expertise at its disposal, as well as decades of experience in working with customers to develop and bring to fruition solutions in the field of robot applications.


LAPP offers user-friendly charging cables for charging

 At public AC charging points

 At domestic or industrial sockets for infrastructure operators

 At charging stations

 At vehicle manufacturers

Charging Cables & Plugs

We offer a variety of cable shapes including the LAPP Helix, a charging cable that automatically returns to its original shape after charging. The charging plugs are available in the versions DESIGN and HEAVY-DUTY

 Whereby the robust HEAVY-DUTY line is ideal for particularly demanding applications in the public sector.

 The Mode 2 charging cable for charging at household or industrial sockets gives the electric car driver the flexibility to charge his car from a standard socket if there is no charging station within reach.

Source:- Lapp Group.

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