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The LiDAR market in Asia-Pacific

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LiDAR is known as the light detection and ranging system technology and replacing the conventional surveying methods and statistical analysis used in different sectors. The reason to replace is the ability for providing accurate data and 3D images in a shorter time duration with high efficiency. The LiDAR market is growing extraordinarily.

As Tim O’Reilly states, “What new technology does is create new opportunities to do a job that customers want done.”

It is absolutely apt for LiDAR technology. A market of $205.6 million in 2022 and as per Modor Intellillegence, by 2026, 32.39% CAGR is expected. A massive market growth demand for the LiDAR.

As per Bloomberg reports, the emergence of 4D LiDAR technology and the use of commercial drones in various areas are providing the major factor to drive the LiDAR market. They also became a favorite of UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles). In 2026, the LiDAR market worth will be $3.4 billion.

Though all of us are quite aware of the importance of LiDAR in Autonomous vehicles or RoboTaxis, as the companies are using it immensely. The technology found its crucial importance in civil engineering as well as forestry applications.

Due to the expansion of technical use, the market growth is expanding and providing unlimited opportunities to the key players to enhance their share of the market.

The different types of LiDAR are:-

  1. Airborne/Aerial used as LiDAR systems to be mounted on aircraft or drones.
  2. Mobile LiDAR for vehicles, turbines, and moving objects.
  3. Static/terrestrial LiDAR for land surfaces or buildings, or towers.

As per Bloomberg reports, the top players that dominated the LiDAR market in 2020 are Leica Geosystems AG (Sweden), Trimble, Inc. (the US), Teledyne Optech (Canada), FARO Technologies, Inc. (the US), and RIEGL Laser Measurement Systems GmbH (Austria).

So, who are the key players in the Asia Pacific markets?

The key players in China:-

RoboSense – It is a leading smart LiDAR sensor provider company in Shenzhen, south China’s Guangdong Province.

Hesai Technology– It is also based in Shanghai and is known for LiDAR sensor production. The company is known for its newest automotive-grade, hybrid solid-state LiDAR solution AT128. The target areas are robotaxis, robotrucks, advanced driving assistance systems (ADAS), and other industrial applications.

Asensing Technology Co.– It is located in Guangzhou. One of the leaders in high-precision positioning technology in intelligent transportation. They are involved in navigation system maps, HD-Mapbox, or even mapping applications.

The key LiDAR players in South Korea are:-

SOS Lab– They are known as the Smart Optical Sensors Labs. It is located in Gwangju.  The product is developed based on LiDAR technologies. It provides services in self-driving cars, industrial automation & drones, and security and sensor applications.

Opsys TechThe company is a developer of pure solid-state scanning microflash LiDAR technologies. The company will be supplying its technologies to global auto supplier SL Corp.

Seoul RoboticsThey are specialized in 3D image processing and are used in a network system for hundreds of LiDAR units. It is mainly for autonomous driving and positioning of the AVs. The company announced its partnership with BMW.

The key LiDAR players in Japan are:-

Arktis Radiation Detectors Ltd.It is based in Osaka city. They are the manufacturers of integrated detection systems to detect and categorize radiological and nuclear material with an unprecedented level of accuracy and reliability.

Topcon Precision Agriculture (TPA)A subsidiary of Top Positioning System Inc. based in Japan. They are the leading developing manufacturers for edge satellite positioning and guidance systems, electronic controls, and even mapping.

Nagase &Co. Ltd.A well-known key distributor is partnering with various industry leaders in LiDAR technology.

The key LiDAR players in India are:-

GenesysIt is headquartered in Mumbai, India, and is an industry leader in mapping and surveying solutions. The company LiDAR scanners for unique mobile mapping solutions.  It provides solutions in the utility industry, infrastructure government, navigation, natural resource management, and disaster management.

RoltaIt is headquartered in Mumbai, India with IT solutions in governments, utilities, manufacturing, retail, defense, power, and healthcare. It provides solutions such as image processing, mapping, and spatial data analysis.

ESRI IndiaThe company is headquartered in Noida. It is popular for ArcGIS software, a combination of mapping technologies and data analytics.

InfosysA Bengaluru-based company, known for its first autonomous buggy that includes a navigation system that features LiDAR and vision sensors.

CeinsysThe company is headquartered in Nagpur and is a leading geospatial and IT solution provider. The LiDAR solutions include mobile, airborne and terrestrial platforms to process data with advanced algorithms.

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