Do you know how many devices are IoT connected?

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The IoT technologies booming, but are they needed? It is something a nightmare for every manufacturer or an innovator. The ideas booming in the mind of the innovators. Or the engineering always circulates with the scary thoughts and nightmares.

Is it going to sustain in the market for a longer time? Will it become a pioneer to launched in the market? And it is not replaced by anything. Or thrive the competition successfully?

A success story!

A goal in every player or CEO or the start-up player agendas. How many have been able to achieve? Or thrive it in the long term to make it a win-win situation. And generate quite a good revenue for it to sustain. And for the employees among them?

Facebook, you hate it or love it. Say it an addiction or a platform used for uncontrollable action, taken over the Orkut (I hope people do remember). And not being bogged down by Google (+) (breaking the record and being overloaded by innumerable accounts).

Somehow didn’t sustain the market, even though the concept was advanced with more privacy concerns. And issues, however, just didn’t beat the success story of Facebook.

As the world of Industry 4.0, introduced you to show that not just through the platform. But real physical devices interconnected with each other. And communicate among each other through various protocols to have a proper message being communicated.

It shows the merging of internet communication, not just in laptops. Or mobiles, but also in synthetic or metal arm devices. The days when we used dial-up connections for the internet.

It has now being evolved into 5G connections with faster speeds helping you to get over the delay. And increase the speed of sending and receiving information in less than a few seconds.

The manufacturing of 5G IoT device connections.

The survey result shows the rise in the demand and use of IoT-connected devices across the world. And the devices used in billions. In my opinion, there will be more concept-oriented devices. It will be launched but how far, will they be financially successful is something that needs to be seen in the future.

Source:- Strategy Analytics

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