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What’s the story of Mitutoyo south Asia?

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Mitutoyo Corporation is a Japanese multinational corporation specializing in measuring instruments and metrological technology. It was founded in 1934 by Yehan Numata.

Mitutoyo measuring tools were established in the mid-1960s in India. South Asia (MSA) was established in 1996 with resident Japanese engineers and a technical center. The industry is well diversified providing services in sectors such as automotive, electronic as well as aerospace industries. The head office is located in Delhi. But the company is well spread out across India.

MSA continuously pursues technologies such as Nanotechnology, IoT, and Automation. The MSA M3 solution center is designed specially to address the challenges related to the measurement from customers.

In 2012, the institution works to develop individuals with knowledgeable attitudes and sharp skills in metrology.

Some of the well-known products are:-

  • CMM with REVO 5-Axis probe head
  • World’s highest accuracy CMM
  • High speed and accuracy in moving-bridge type CMMs
  • Shop-floor type CNC CMM

Check out the latest video, an event held in Delhi,

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